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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's The Economy, Stupid?

A story in today's PublishersWeekly.com:

"E-Book Growth Slows, Still Up 112% in October 
Facing some harder comparisons, e-book sales posted their slowest growth rates in 2010 in October. Still, sales jumped 112.4%, to $40.7 million, from the 14 publishers who reported results to the AAP’s monthly sales program. For the first 10 months of the year, e-book sales from the 14 houses rose 171.3%, to $345.3%, 8.7% of the trade sales of reporting publishers. The three adult categories all had declines in October and for the 10 months of 2010 adult hardcover sales from 17 reporting houses fell 7.7%, and sales from 9 mass market houses were down 14.3%. Sales of trade paperbacks from 19 publishers were flat."

While a "dip" is never a good thing, the fact that sales haven't maintained the same growth-rate could be attributed to a lot of causes, from the state of the economy, to a simple pre-holiday slowdown as people wait to give eBooks or see which eBooks they'll receive for Christmas. What will the eBook marketplace look like in late-December and January, after everybody who received Tablet PCs, dedicated eReaders, and iPads for the holidays hit the eBookstores in what's sure to be considerable additional numbers?

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