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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google eBooks Brightens the Indies Day

On PublishersWeekly.com, Judith Rosen writes about the initial reception by some independent bookstores to Google's new eBookstore launch in Reading Unbound: Indie Booksellers Offering Google eBooks.

The reaction is, as expected, mixed, although not quite as mixed as I had expected. It ranges from "love it" to "we'll see...":

"...Booksellers like Cathy Langer, head buyer at Tattered Cover in Denver, Colo., were happy to have it. 'We haven’t really been in the game until now,' she says."

"'I’m still digesting and determining whether it’s something we will offer,' says Christin Evans, co-owner of the Booksmith in San Francisco."

These are just first reactions and one article's point of view. Maybe it's my inner-Luddite, but I find it hard to believe there's not greater panic by indies threatened by more electronic/less brick and mortar & print. I'm pleased everyone seems to be adapting (although, what's the alternative, really?), but we haven't even heard the start of this yet.


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