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Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Sure Charles Dickens Awaits His Next Royalty Statement With Giddy Anticipation

From today's Publisher's Marketplace eNewsletter, Publisher's Lunch:

Oprah to Pick Two Dickens' Books
Monday Oprah Winfrey selects Charles Dickens' Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities as her new book club picks, revealed early when the AP purchased a copy of Penguin's special edition $20 paperback with Oprah Book Club logo on the cover.

While Penguin's edition is the official one, multiple classics publishers have the opportunity to benefit from the selections, including Barnes & Noble. Penguin's official ebook edition is priced at $7.99, as previously reported, though ebook editions are easily obtainable for anywhere from free to ninety-nine cents (per book). Google's just-launched eBooks initiative also prominently highlights their free public-domain editions of the two Oprah-selected Dickens titles.

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